February 23rd Visitation of
The Right Reverend Susan Haynes
11th Bishop of the Diocese of Southern Va

Bishop Susan Haynes meets with the Vestry and Adult Bible Study on 02/23/20

Bishop Susan Haynes Receives Collen and Benjamin Thorbund; and Opal Curtis into the Episcopal Church and confirms John Wilson, James Kiser, and Jessica and Jack Daniel

2020 February Vestry Mtg at the home of Charles and Debbie Moore

  Vestry enjoyed a delicious lunch made by Debbie Moore on January 19, 2020

 Vestry enjoyed a delicious lunch made by Debbie Moore on January 19, 2020

The vestry held their January Meeting in the Loft area of the Moore's home after lunch

Merchants Hope's Yard Sale

 We had loads of wonderful yard sale items and this double Saturday event was a great outreach to the local community

On the Second Saturday, we had items in the parish hall as well as outside.

On September 21, 2019 
the diocese of Southern Virginia elected The Rev. Susan B. Haynes as 
the 11th Bishop of Southern Virginia

Susan earned her Master of Divinity degree at Vanderbilt divinity school, is married to the Rev. Thomas Haynes, and they have two grown daughters.

Election of a New Bishop for the Diocese of Southern Virginia on Sept 21, 2019
The following are candidating for this position:

·      The Rev. Dr. Harold J. Cobb, Jr. Rector of Grace Episcopal Church, Norfolk, Virginia

·      The Rev. Susan B. Haynes, Rector, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Mishawaka, Indiana

·      The Rev. John T.W. Harmon; Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C.

·      The Rev. Victoria Heard; Rector, Redeemer Episcopal Church in Irving, Texas

·      The Rev. Dr. Harold J. Cobb, Jr. Rector of Grace Episcopal Church, Norfolk, Virginia

·      The Rev. Dr. J Derek Harbin Rector, St. John’s Church, Portsmouth, VA

Baptism of McKenna Mae McDowall  March 3, 2019

 Wood McDowall and McKenna Mae waiting for the Service to start 

 Parents and God-Parents and Jen's Mom

 Baptizing an Angel--McKenna Mae was spectacular

Family is everything

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Extravaganza
6:00 pm Parish Hall 03/05/2019
All welcome
Don Basl, Marie Crump, Robert Carlon
our great cooks

Jazz Music with the 
Miller Temple Band on Halloween

Jazz Music with the 
Miller Temple Band on April 21
5:00 to 7:00 pm

On Saturday April 21, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, join us for an evening of jazz music, delicious light refreshments and soothing conversation. Dance, eat and enjoy. All welcome. The Miller-Temple Band will be providing wonderful live music for our enjoyment.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner
February 13th, 2018

 Don Basl, Marie Crump and Bob Carlon flip pancakes and cook up delicious sausages of our Shrove Tuesday celebration

Christmas Open House  December 16, 2017
 The Miller Temple Band plays wonderful Christmas Music as their first public performance

Karen and Ricky Rickman have formed a new band and provided Merchants Hope with it's first public performance.  We hope this Christmas Open House will become a tradition.

Breakfast with Santa--Dec 2

 Debbie and Diane showcase our Italian chocolate and wine raffle Basket

 Baked goodies and gifts for the children were spectacular

 Santa and his helpers were a big hit with the children

Parents and grandparents enjoyed to time to relax and enjoy a great breakfast

Preparing for Breakfast with Santa
December 2, 2017

 Goodies for the children
Awaiting the arrival of Santa

Merchants Hope Annual
 Pre-Thanksgiving Celebration

 Everyone enjoyed the Pot-luck Luncheon that we shared with Brandon for a joint worship service and lunch

 THe ECW women of Merchants Hope and Brandon did a spectacular job on the deserts.

Our youngest member--Daniel Clissa-- chose to bicycle rather than eat.  

Merchants Hope Supports the Shoebox Gift Ministry

7th Annual Blessing of the Animals Service--October 7, 2017
Mary and Buck wait to have Whiskey and Petty Blessed

Mary, Gene, Betty and Pat share some thoughts as the prepare for the blessings

 Lay-Reader Lisa Harrison, Chief-Liturgist David Earhart and Father Charles Moore lead the Service

David and Father Charles blessing the animals and their caretakers

Merchants Hope Honors David Earhart on his 90th Birthday.
David's Special Chocolate Cake

David does the honors of cutting the cake

Debbie Moore assists David in sharing his birthday cake with parishioners

Parishioners honor David on his 90th birthday in the parish hall

Blessing of the Animals Planned for October 7, 2017

 Red Reding Led the music indoors last year because of the rain

 Father Charles, David Earhart and Red Reding led the Blessing of the Animals last year

 We blessed a Chicken last year

Ricky Rickman put out sign up this year

MHEC Episcopal Church Women 
meet to plan upcoming events
Chairperson Karen Rickman leads the ECW Mtg

 Nadine takes notes while Debbie enjoys her coffee, Lisa, Ginger, Patricia and Marie (only her head) pay rapt attention.

Our women work very hard to make our events wonderful times of fellowship and outreach 

Cook-out Fun time at Edwina Daniel 
on August 27

Parishioners enjoyed a cookout at the home of Edwina Daniel after our worship service on August 27.  The weather was great, the conversations were stimulating, and the burgers and hotdogs were cooked to perfection (by our priest).

 Colorful shirts were plentiful at the cookout

 Theological discussion flourished at this table with David Earhart answering difficult questions.
 Stanley and Nikki look on as Father Charles flips the hamburgers.

Debbie, Patricia and Edwina discuss world politics with John.

2017 Donation of School Supplies
The Merchants Hope faith community is continuing its yearly commitment to provide school supplies for an elementary school in Prince George County. This year W.A. Walton Elementary School will receive these donations. Parishioners have been very generous. Thanks to all who continue to serve our community.

Celebration of our 2017 MHEC Scholarship Award

Lisa Harrison, Ginger Duncan and Debbie Moore--Outreach Committee--awarded Kaejhan Jones with a framed certificate of achievement as our recipient of our $500 scholarship award.

Kaejhan with his mother Sheri

The Passing of a Beloved Parishioner:  Motto:  Protect and Defend

Ed and his two daughters, Carol
and Christie and his former wife.

Ed and Nadine, his step-daugher
Melissa, Ed' daughter Christie and her friend,
Skip and Christie's mother.

Ed and Nadine at Kathleen and Wincel's home in 2017

Edward Victor Wisneski
November 24, 2044—June 16, 2017

Ed was born in Philadelphia and spent his early years with his younger brother and parents in Langhorne, Pa.  His father was an army career soldier and Ed and family spent time in Germany, Alaska and elsewhere.  Ed graduated from high school in Frankford, Germany; started college in Munich Germany and then transferred to Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem when his family moved stateside.

After graduating, Ed taught in the Matoaca Middle School before moving to Prince George Middle School to teach 9th grade science and coach high school football.  Ed was passionate about helping his students in this critical time in their lives.  He was greatly pleased when students would return in later years to tell him he had been a significant help to them by being tough and fair.

Later in his career, Ed attended VCU for Computer Programming and invested the next 20 years of his life with Computer Science Corporation as a programmer. During this time he became involved with police work.

Ed was a charter member of the Prince George Auxiliary Police and a deputy sheriff for Prince George Sheriff's Department. He retired with the rank of Lieutenant from Department of Army Civilian Police in Fort Lee after 10 years of service.  Ed was a passionate sports enthusiast, played and coached softball; refereed basketball, and softball; loved to water ski, snow ski, bowl and for a short while, drove a sports car at Southside Speedway.

Ed was intensely honest to a fault, loyal to his friends, and caring with “tough love” to those in need.  He loved his family and adored Nadine.  Ed, you will be greatly missed.

The Passing of a Wonderful Saint 
of Merchants Hope
May 23, 1951 -- May 26, 2017
We will be celebrating the life, death and life after death of Ms. Starr Sordelett of Prince George County. Starr was an avid horse-trainer, skilled nurse who worked in cities surrounding Prince George County and a devoted wife to her husband—Bo Sordelett and her two children, Dustin and Amy. Starr left nursing to care for her ailing husband and after his death, devoted her time to her children and her 220-acre farm in Prince George with its assortment of horses and farm equipment. She was devoted to Merchants Episcopal Hope Church, active in the formation its food pantry, a lay reader with a beautiful voice for reading and for singing. During this time, Starr also served diligently as the Treasurer of the Merchants Hope Episcopal Church Foundation and helped navigate its progress during the $400000+ renovation of the church in the early 1980’s. Starr served as treasurer for the Foundation until her illness made that impossible earlier this year. To say that we will miss Starr hardly reflects the profound sadness we feel at Merchants Hope. After her service in the church and her internment at the Merchants Hope Gardens across from the church, all are invited back to the Parish Hall to join in sharing stories about Starr and in partaking of light refreshments and warm fellowship
Dustin Sordelett, Starr Sordelett, Amy Loving

Historian and Chief Liturgist from Merchants Hope Explains some of the Exciting Facts about our Great Bible
David Earhart demonstrates his expertise as Custodian of the Great Bible

President of the Merchants Hope Episcopal Church Foundation, Mr. Robert Carlon and treasurer Nadine Lewis listen intently

Fantastic service ON MAY 7, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Wiley and Juanita Card will Re-affirm their wedding vows during our Eucharistic celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Wiley and Juanita have been married for 51 years--not quite as miraculous as Jesus coming back from the dead--but still a remarkable accomplishment.. Light lunch to follow. All welcome. Service starts at 10:00 am.

Merchants Hope is inviting all those wanting to try some delicious home-made soup and chili to join us on March 28th, 2017 at 6:30 PM in our Parish Hall for free samplings of the best soups in Prince George County.


The String Quartet 
of the Williamsburg Chamber Orchestra will play at our November 6, 10:00 am Eucharist Service

Merchants Hope Parishioners 
Contribute School Supplies 
to Prince George Elementary School

Merchants Hope Parishioners Enjoy an Outing at
Upper Shirley Vineyards Restaurant in July

 Well, what should we order?

 Lively DIscussions take place as parishioners await their feast

Waiting for the food can take Patience

The Williamsburg Chamber Orchestra came to Merchants Hope on May 7, 2016
Spectacular, Sensational, Heavenly
Close to 100 in attendance
 The Good Women of Merchants Hope Decorated the Church and Parish Hall and helped serve Wine and Cheese

 Charles Whittaker, Conductor, Rehearses with with Orchestra

The Performance was Magnificent

 So wonderful--angels from on High

There is no way to express the joy of being so close to 
such wonderful violinists!!!

More Fun at Shrove Tuesday Pancake Travagenza
February 2016

An opportunity to share and enjoy one-another

 One of our cooks makes sure everyone has enought to eat.

The Kitchen Team finally gets time to eat.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake and Sausage Blast

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 from 6:00 Pm to 7:00 Pm

Our Cooks take time to catch their breath before flipping more pancakes and sausages.

Everyone is having a great time.

Our Cooks are quite creative with the Pancakes

Breakfast with Santa:  December 5 from 8:30

  to  11:30 

 The Women of the Church are busy planning the activities

 Ricky Rickman places our Banner in front of Merchants Hope

The Men of the Church take time to bond and discuss the problems facing our present world

John Michael Pied and Olivia Powers Celebrated their Wedding Vows on Sept 19

 Mike's mother Elizabeth is as pretty as Mike's bride 
A flower maiden adds a special spark to the wedding

Michael and Olivia 

During the Month of August, Parishioners donate School Supplies to a local Elementary School

Parishioners have been most Generous

Celebrating our Country's Freedom with the Baptism of Jacob and Ayra Sordelett
July 5, 2015

 Jacob seems quite interested in the Baptismal water

 Ayra is too cute for words and was very engaging during her baptism

What a joy to introduce our newest memebers to our congregation

Just a great day to Celebrate new life and freedom

Merchants Hope 2015 Scholarship Award Luncheon

The Outreah Committee awards its 2015 $500 Scholarship to Prince George High School Graduate
Chaelin Jamie Corrigan-Magruder

The Renewal of Wedding Vows:  Ricky and Karen Rickman

 Ricky and Karen celebrate their 25th Wedding Aniversary

Ricky looks a bit solemn as they rejoice in 25 great years of Marital Bliss.  Someone ate a piece of his cake.

Parishioners from Merchants Hope Supported the "Quilting Display" sponsored by the Prince George Historical Society.

 Ginger Duncan Shared one of Her Quilts.  She is joined by Debbie Moore

 One of the Beautiful Quiltes on Display

Edwina Daniel shared a Quilt that had been made by a distant relative

Merchants Hope had a Spectacular Easter Service

 Easter Lilies Add a Wonderful Touch to Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus

 An Easter Egg Hunt Remains an Easter Tradition at Merchants Hope

 The FLowering of the Cross Makes a Great Photo Opt

Ellen Gilliam and the Children of Merchants Hope Do a Spectacular Job

Seder Celebration April 2 at 6:00 pm.  in our Parish Hall,  All Welcome.

 Setting up for the Seder Celebration

The Wonderful Food we eat midway through this was not captured in this picture

Palm Sunday Service will begin this Sunday in the Parish Hall at 10:00 am with a blessing of the palms and then we will process into the Church for a reading of the Passion of Christ according to St. Mark, followed by Holy Communion. All welcome. Light but delicious refreshments in the parish hall after the service.  Short vestry meeting to follow the service.

If only the weather is as nice as Last Year!!

Soups Coming:  Thursday March 19th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. In our Parish Hall: the ladies (and perhaps the men) will be serving their delicious home-made soups--our way of saying we care for you.  

 Too Many Good Selections!! What's a Person to do?

 This is where we really enjoy ourselves:  after a good meal the conversation is enriching.

We just can't wait to share how our week has been going.

Come one come all!! Thursday March 19th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. In our Parish Hall: the ladies (and perhaps the men) will be serving their delicious home-made soups and chili and breads. All are welcome to sample the soups--no cost. Just a way of Merchants Hope saying we love you.

Although we have nothing to compare to the weather in Massachusettes and elsewhere in New England, nevertheless we still have no where to park cars as of Sat. afternoon.  Consequently, services at Merchants Hope will be postponed this Sunday, February 22nd.
 Ricky Rickman undertaking a mamouth job of shoveling the walkway

 Nowhere to park our automobiles

  We hope everyone will stay warm and safe.  We will be celebrating the beginning of our Lenten season next Sunday.   God bless.

We have cancelled our regularly scheduled Shrove Tuesday Celebration on February 17 due to the inclement weather and our desire prevent unsafe travel.  Next year for sure.  Do those pancakes look inviting!!

We hope to see you at  our Ash Wednesday service at 7:00 pm for a short, deeply moving Imputation of Ashes with prayers and short homily (very short). 

On Sunday, February 15, after our Holy Eucharist Rite II worship service, there will be a vestry meeting starting about 11:20 am.  All parishioners and interested parties are welcome to attend. 

Our January Vestry Meeting took place at the home of Charles and Debbie Moore

On Tuesday, February 17, Merchants Hope invites all to join in our pre-lenten celebration of Shrove Tuesday Pancake and Sausage Extravaganza.  This will start at 6:00 pm.  All are welcome.  Our cooks have been busy practicing their pancake-flipping.

Our cooks know how to flip those pancakes!

Sometimes there are too many cooks in the Kitchen

Ricky Rickman, our Administrative Assisitant invites all who are young of heart to join us for fun time

On January 18, 2015, Merchants Hope will have thier annual meeting after our worship service of Morning Prayer.  This will take placer at approximately 11:00 am and last for about 20 minutes.  Afterwards there will be light refreshments in the Parish Hall.  The vestry and spouses will convene at Charles and Debbie Moore's in Chester for lunch at 1:00 pm and a vestry meeting following.

On Sunday December 21:  12:00 to 4:00 pm:  Merchants Hope will be open for any an all  visitors who wish to learn and experience more about our unique Colonial archetecture reflected in this church that was constructed aroung 1748. 

 Our Altar with the Advent Color of Purple

 Our Windows have been "Greened" for Advent and Christmas.

 The Advent Wreath with it's Five Advent Candles rests gently on top of our Baptismal Font.

Our Wonderful Breakfast with Santa:  December 6, from 8:30 am to 11:30 am.  All welcome.  Join us for fun, fellowship, a great breakfast and a special time with Santa.

Wonderful gifts for our children

Spectacular baked goods for all

Santa is not just for children

Almost can't find Santa

Our first Sunday of Advent  coincides with our sumptuous Thanksgiving Pot-Luck Luncheon: Nov 30,  Sunday service at 10:00; Luncheon at 11:30.  All are invited to join us.

Advent is one of the most Beautiful times of the Year
Notice our Advent Candles 

Our Women provide a Spectacular Luncheon

Deserts are to "die for!"

Everyone enjoys a great meal, wonderful fellowship and a Marvelous Time

The ECW is working hard to make out  6, 2014 Breakfast with Santa the best ever.  Mark that date on your calendars.  
 The ECW discuss creative ideas for the upcoming Breakfast with Santa.

Husbands wait to hear what their assignments will be.

On Sunday, November 9, 2014, our newly elected vestry members, Diane Lanier, Karen Rickman and Ed Wisneski, will be installed.  

On July 19, Wood McDowall and Jennifer Webb were married at Merchants Hope Church.  Although this post is out of order, the pictures were so nice, they needed to be posted.

On Sunday, October 12th at 10:30 am,  the Right Reverend David C. Jones, Retired Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of Virginia, will be leading our worship service and preaching.  He will lead a discussion on "Spiritual Gifts" at the 9:00 am Bible Study in the Vestry room.  After our worship service, we will enjoy a delightful pot-luck luncheon.  Everyone is invited, whether one is an Episcopalian or not. 


The Women of the Church will meet for a short time after our service of Holy Euchaist, Rite One on Sunday, October 5th, 2014.

Celebration of the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi with a Blessing of our Beloved Animals:  Saturday, Oct 4 at 10:00 am.  All invited.  We will convene inside the Parish Hall if God blesses us with rain.  Light refreshments for pets and caretakers to follow the service.  

Vestry Meeting on September 21, after our Morning Prayer worship Service.  Vestry will consider nominations for three new Vestry Members and discuss the proposal to start a resource library, perhaps using the Nursery Room. 

On September 14, we will honor the Burrowsville Volunteer Fire Department with a joint Eucharistic service with Martins Brandon Episcopal Church at the Ruritan Pavilion in Burrowsville.  Our joint worship service will start at 10:30 am.  We will enjoy a wonderful lunch around 12:00.  All are invited to join us.

We enjoyed a wonderful service of Baptism on July 6 with Wes and Katie Gorder when we baptized their son--the grandson of Diane Lanier and great-grandson of Kitty and Paul Stables.
Our newest member of Merchants Hope

Mother and Son are beautiful

                                     The Gorter Family Growing Up

Our dear parishioner Irene Fisher--Reenee--passed from this world into God's loving embrace on Tuesday afternoon. Her memorial service will be held at 11:00 am on Saturday, April 5 at Merchants Hope Episcopal Church. All are welcome to attend this short service, celebrating her life.

Easter at
Merchants Hope Episcopal Church
11500 Merchants Hope Rd,
North Prince George County
5 miles East of Hopewell on Rt 10

Come and join us in celebrating the great drama of salvation as it is portrayed in the last days of Jesus’ journey to the cross.  We delightfully welcome all visitors and parishioners.

Palm Sunday:  April 13 at 10:00 am.  Join us as we read the great passion of Christ’s arrest, illegal trial and ultimate crucifixion.

Maundy Thursday:  April 17 at 6:00 pm.  Join us for our celebration of a Seder Meal as we celebrate Passover and Christ’s last supper with his disciples.  Please call the church to make a reservation.

Good Friday:  April 18 at 6:30 pm.  Join us as we follow Jesus in The Stations of the Cross, a short but very moving service.

Easter Celebration:  April 20 at 10:am.  Celebrate with us in our Eucharistic Service of the wonder of Jesus’ Resurrection and our resurrection.

A wonderful Spaghetti Dinner:  March 20th 
from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Eat in or Take home.
Join us for a spectacular time.

Come one, Come all.  $7.00 per person.
Great food, great fellowship, great fun.

The Episcopal Church Women are pulling out all the stops to create a special Spaghetti Dinner

The Cold weather and the Snow are no match for our cooks.  Don't let a touch of winter keep you away form delicious pancakes, sausages, and hot coffee.  March 4, 6:00 to 7:30 PM in the Parish Hall. 

Please join us for a delicious Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper.  We will be flipping pancakes and cooking sausages from 6:00 to 7:30 PM.  All are invited—no cost—just great pancakes, relaxing conversation and the warmest fellowship around.  March 4th—jot that date on your calendars.

We warmly invite you to join us for this relaxed and enjoyable time of refreshment and fellowship as we prepare to enter the season of Lent.  You can also tour one of the oldest Episcopal churches in the United States established circa 1657. 

February 22:  Vestry workshop:  St. John's Episcopal Church, Chester, VA:  8:30 am to 2:30 pm

Vestry Meeting after Worship Service on February 16th:  
Exciting Things Happening at Merchants Hope Episcopal Church:  Come to the Vestry Meeting and Find out!
Vestry at Work!!

Let's face the Cold Weather with a Smile
Come on over to Merchants Hope

Vestry Meeting: 01/19/14

The Vestry of Merchants Hope will meet on January 19 in the Parish Hall after our celebration of Holy Eucharist.  Any and all parishioners are invited to attend and share in the discussion.  Only Vestry members may vote on resolutions.

Breakfast with Santa:  Saturday, Dec. 14,   
                                 8:30 am to 11:30 am
Join us fora delicious Breakfast with Santa.  Pancakes, sausage, juice, coffee and an opportunity to have a picture with Santa. Cost: $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for children. There will be sumptuous baked goods, packets of delicious soups for the cold winter days, homemade Christmas stockings, Christmas-tree ornaments, and Christmas cards for sale, as well as plenty of fellowship and holiday cheer.   All are welcome. Wonderful opportunity for parents and grandparents to have a special time with their children. Great opportunity to visit one of the oldest Protestant churches in the United States.

Historic Home and Church Tour
Sunday, December 15, 2013
1:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.

Six historic Prince George properties open their doors and welcome you to a very special Prince George Holiday Season:
Merchants Hope Church
(Christmas Music, Light Refreshments, History of Merchants Hope Church)
Old Town
Trinity United Methodist Church
Chester Plantation (Bud's Inn)
Heritage Center: “Toys of Yesteryear
Information or tickets:  or (804) 863-0212

Open House at the Moore's for Parishioners and Family:  

Charles and Debbie
Joyfully invite you to
Sunday, December 22   4:00 PM 
12800 Nightingale Drive  Chester, VA 23836 
We look forward to celebrating this Christmas Season with you.
Vestry Installation: Next Sunday: November 24, 2013
During our worship on Sunday, we  recognized the significant work of our vestry. We concluded this portion of our worship service with an installation ceremony for the newly elected vestry members.

 Making our Property Beautiful:  

    Saturday, Nov. 30, 2013
Eleven Parishioners braved the cold weather to do battle with about a million leaves and fought the battle courageously. And won!!!

Jess and Bob consult on how to get rid of these leaves 

A family that works together stays together

Wincel Brooks liked to move large quantities of leaves at one time

The wonderful work crew of Merchants Hope

Thanksgiving Celebration on the First Sunday in Advent

Thanksgiving Extravaganza

On December 1 at 10:30 Am, we  joined with Martins Brandon Episcopal Church to celebrate the beginning of our new year, with the lighting of the Advent Candle and with a festal Thanksgiving meal after the service.  We had a wonderful turnout and a wonderful celebration of hope and a stupendous feast of thanksgiving.

There goes my diet.

 I think Father Moore took a piece of the pastry.
Young Couples are the future of MERCHANTS HOPE